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Superintendent's Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2003-2004

  • About the Annual Report
  • The information contained in the Superintendent's Annual Report was compiled from unaudited information submitted to the Arizona Department of Education.

  • Definitions for School District Data
  • Definitions for Charter Schools Data
  • Charter school and school district financial reports are very complex with many terms that have a very specific meaning. Please consult the above links if you are analyzing the data on the school district or charter school detail page.

    In this report charter schools were identified according to their operations during FY 2003-2004, except for the address and telephone number listed.  If you have difficulty locating a charter school, remember that it may not have operated in FY 2003-2004, or it may have had a different name and/or sponsor. We have listed the address and telephone number supplied to the Arizona Department of Education as of the beginning of January, 2004.

    To obtain a printed copy of this report, please contact Central Distribution, Arizona Department of Education, 1535 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

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