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Superintendent's Annual Report

Summary Information

Fiscal Year 2004-2005

  • Funding Summary
  • State Funding for Education
  • Percent of Revenue by Year by Source
  • M & O Fund Expenditures by Year

  • Membership Summary
  • ADM History and Distribution
  • Distribution of District and Charter Schools by ADM and Size

  • School Counts
  • State Summary of Number and Type of Public Schools
  • Technology Assisted Project-Based Instruction

  • Enrollment Summary
  • State Summary By Grade of Pupil Enrollment - Districts Only
  • State Summary By Grade of Pupil Enrollment - Charters Only

  • State Funds Summary
  • Table of content for State, Federal and Private Funds Administered under the State Board of Education Authority
  • Financial Services - State Funds - Statement of Revenues and Expenditures

  • Federal Funds Summary
  • Financial Services - Federal - Grants in Aid - Statement of Grants and Expenditures

  • County Annual Financial Reports

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