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Welcome to Grants Common Logon Applications!
Grants Management Homepage
Best of the Web Logo         Our mission is to implement procedures that ensure the proper allocation, distribution, and expenditure of all federal and state funds administered by the department. The following links to our web pages contain information pertaining to educational grants funded from state or federal programs.

   On-line Applications Enter and Submit Grant Applications to the ADE.
   Amendments Make an Amendment to an Existing State or Federal Project.
   Payment Request Reports Submit Payment Request reports for Federal projects and obtain previous report receipts for your audit trail.
   Completion Reports Enter and Submit project Completion Reports on-line.
   Project Summary View Project Summary for all current and past projects for a specific LEA or grant. Brand new grant users can explore all of the projects from the other Local Education Agencies. This is public information and does not require a common logon account.
   County Payment Tracking Report View Project Summary for all current projects for a specific LEA / grant/ county payment list.
   Completion Report Tracking Report View completion report for all current projects for a specific LEA / grant/ county payment list.

Optimal viewing and functionality of some pages within the Grants Management system may only be achieved with a Windows based computer and Internet Explorer. Apple computers and internet browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome will not allow users to save data in the Grants Management system.

Certain Grants Management documents are PDF files which require Adobe Reader. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be obtained from

Online training modules are in Windows Media Player format. The latest version of Windows Media Player can be obtained from

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