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Attorney General's Opinions Related to K-12 Education

March 18, 2008 No. I08-002
Re:  Availability of Funding for Water Lines Adjacent to District Property

December 24, 2007 No. I07-013
Re:  Open Meeting Law and Comments to the Media Concerning Issues that May Come Before a Public Body

December 5, 2007 No. I07-011
Re:  Authority of Independent Redistricting Commission; Commissioners' Terms of Office; Effect of Commissioner Change of Party Affiliation

May 10, 2007 No. I07-009
Re:  Guest Speakers at School-Sponsored Assemblies and the Limitations of A.R.S. § 15-511

April 9, 2007 No. I07-006
Re:  Reporting Requirements Under the Child Abuse Reporting Statute, A.R.S. § 13-3620

April 6, 2007 No. I07-005
Re:  Implementation of Proposition 300 With Regard to Adult Education Services

March 5, 2007 No. I07-003
Re:  Interpretation of HB 2874: Salary and Benefit Increases for School District and Charter School Nonadministrative Personnel

February 7, 2007 No. I07-002
Re:  Proposition 202 (Minimum Wage Law) and the Disabled Worker

March 27, 2006 No. I06-001
Re:  Certificates of Educational Convenience and Tuition Requirements

August 25, 2006 No. I06-002
Re:  Application of A.R.S. § 38-503(C) to Sales of Goods or Services by School District Employees to Their Employing School Districts

September 6, 2006 No. I06-003
Re:  Amending Contracts of Certain School Employees to Include Monies Appropriated for Increases in compensation of those Employees

December 20, 2005 No. I05-007
Re:  Reporting Responsibilities of Teachers and School Volunteers under § 13-3620

October 24, 2005 No. I05-005
Re:  Augmenting AIMS Scores Based on Grades in Certain Courses

July 25, 2005 No. I05-004
Re:  Open Meeting Law Requirements and E-mail to and from Members of a Public Body

February 9, 2005 No. I05-002
Re:  AIMS testing and special education

December 3, 2004 No. I04-011
Re:  Inflation Adjustment of Square Footage Cost for New School Construction

September 13, 2004 No. I04-009
Re:  Child Care Licensing Exemption for Preschool Special Education Programs

September 10, 2004 No. I04-008
Re:  School Facilities Board Approval of Proposed Reductions in Square Footage of School Facilities

August 10, 2004 No. I04-007
Re:  Prorating Compensation of School Employees

July 20, 2004 No. I04-006
Re:  Charter Schools Operated by For-profit Organizations

June 21, 2004 No. I04-005
Re:  Provisional Community College Districts and Reimbursements Under A.R.S. § 15-1469

May 26, 2004 No. I04-003
Re:  Law Enforcement Interviews of Students at Public Schools

May 24, 2004 No. I04-002
Re:  Calculation of Student Count by a Joint Technological Education District

December 19, 2003 No. I03-011
Re:  Use of Building Renewal Fund Balances for Preventative Maintenance

December 3, 2003 No. I03-008
Re:  Availability of Tax Credit for Fees Paid for Dental Care Provided to Students at a Public School

August 11, 2003 No. I03-005
Re:  Conflicts of Interest

July 25, 2003 No. I03-002
Re:  Application of Proposition 203 to Charter Schools

July 21, 2003 No. I03-001
Re:  Guidelines Governing Waivers from English Immersion Programs

December 16, 2002 No. I02-010
Re:  School Bus Regulation

August 19, 2002 No. I02-008
Re:  School Facilities Board Funding for District Public Schools Re-designated as Charter Schools

August 14, 2002 No. I02-007
Re:  Law Enforcement Jurisdiction on State Trust Lands

April 17, 2002 No. I02-005
Re:  School Facilities Board Jurisdiction Regarding Accommodation Schools; School Facilities Board Funding to Eliminate Debt

April 10, 2002 No. I02-004
Re:  Classroom Site Fund Monies for Committed Youth

March 15, 2002 No. I02-003
Re:  Leasing school property under A.R.S. § 15-1105

November 12, 2001 No. I01-020
Re:  Proposition 301 Increases in Education Funding

July 24, 2001 No. I01-017
Re:  School District Discretion Regarding Teacher Base Salary Increases from Classroom Site Fund

July 20, 2001 No. I01-016
Re:  Impact of legislation regarding military airports on schools

June 21, 2001 No. I01-014
Re:  Definition of Teacher under A.R.S. § 15-977

March 8, 2001 No. I01-009
Re:  Board Member Conflict of Interest

January 3, 2001 No. I01-002
Re:  Building Renewal Fund

March 30, 2000 No. I00-005
Re:  Conditions Relating to Contributions of Land or Money to Public Schools

April 6, 2000 No. I00-006
Re:  Acquisition of Land for School Sites

May 2, 2000 No. I00-009
Re:  Applicability of Open Meeting Law to Corporate Board of Directors of a Charter School Operator

May 4, 2000 No. I00-010
(R00-016 -
Re:  School District Early Retirement Plans

May 17, 2000 No. I00-012
Re:  Special Education Services For Home-Schooled Students

June 20, 2000 No. I00-013
Re:  Decisions Concerning Relatives of School Board Members

June 27, 2000 No. I00-017
Re:  Transfer of Students FIRST Funds by State Treasurer

September 15, 2000 No. I00-021
Re:  Use of Private Contractor to Provide School District Teachers and Administrators

September 15, 2000 No. I00-022
Re:  School district Expenditures for Membership Duties

September 15, 2000 No. I00-023
Re:  State Funding for Students in Early Kindergarten and Early First Grades

October 31, 2000 No. I00-026
Re:  Individual Education Programs for Limited English Proficient Students

October 31, 2000 No. I00-027
Re:  Testing for English Language Proficiency

December 8, 2000 No. I00-028
Re:  Disposition of Income from State Trust Lands

December 11, 2000 No. I00-029
Re:  Excess Utility Savings

January 7, 1999 No. I99-002
Re:  Budgets for Joint Technological Education Districts

March 5, 1999 No. I99-006
Re:  Open Meeting Law-Use of an Open Call to the Public

March 17, 1999 No. I99-008
Re:  Investment of Permanent Land Fund Monies in an Investment Pool

August 27, 1999 No. I99-017
Re:  Charter School Aid and Expenses

September 16, 1999 No. I99-018
Re:  School Council Membership

October 19, 1999 No. I99-021
Re:  Lease of School District Property; Extended-day Kingergarten Program Charges

October 26, 1999 No. I99-022
Re:  Student Readmission Procedures

November 24, 1999 No. I99-024
Re:  School District Procurement of Architectural Services

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